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e wood.Thereat the lower s▓urface of the lid dropped dow●n, disclosing a hollow space between● it and the u

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pper.—“A double cover,”▓ he said, “a place for hidin●g things and—hello! it isn’t● empty!” No, it

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wasn’t empty.It conta●ined a large, square envelope.Merivale hastily● made a grab for it, and crossed over

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to t▓he gas-fixture.“Have we st●umbled upon a romance” he crie●d.Holding it up to the light, presently h


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e ▓said: “Come hither, Lexow.The writing is● German script.I can’t read it.Come a▓nd help.” He put the envelope into ▓my hands.I ran my eyes over the wri▓ting.Next moment the envelope fl●uttered to the floor.I grasped Mer●ivale’s arm to support myself.My breath b▓ecame short and quick.“I was not prepared fo▓r this,” I gasped.

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“For w●hat What is the trouble” he asked.▓ I sank into a chair.Merivale picked ●up the envelope and studied ●it intently.“I can make nothing out of it▓,” he said. “Give it to me▓—I will read it to you,” I rejoine▓d. This is what I read:— “To▓ be delivered to my son, Ernest Neuman, upon his▓ attaining the age of

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one-and-t▓wenty years.Let there be no failure, as ●the will of a dying man is honored.—To my son●: Open and read on your twenty-first bir●thday.Be alone when you read.—Your fat●her, Ernest Neuman.” Neither o▓f us broke silence for some minutes af▓terward. At last, “I guess▓ I’d better clear out,” said Merivale. 癜This is co

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nsiderably more than we had ●bargained for.I suppose

you●’d like to be alone.I’ll remain in ●the next room.Call, if you want me.●”

“Yes,” I returned, “I● may as well read it

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